Volosa – A Volcanic Archipelago

This is (as far as anyone you know knows) the only land mass on the planet of Nilagra. Vast oceans are reputed to cover the entirety of the rest of the planet. Few vessels from Volosa have ever ventured out of the relatively protected archipelago, and even fewer have returned. Those that do return tell stories of waves like moving mountains, howling winds, seemingly endless storms, strange and terrible aquatic creatures, and nothing but water in every direction but home.

Even within Volosa, these gargantuan natural forces are only somewhat attenuated, making long distance travel by water the exclusive domain of the enchanted ships of Navira. In addition, the constant activity of Mobesa, a caldera volcano at the archipelago’s center, creates a constantly shifting landscape, the three moons of Nilagra create unpredictable and sometimes extreme tides, and the sea creatures are not entirely friendly to who would trespass on the water’s surface.

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