Hey, it’s only been 4 years

I did, at some point, have modest plans for regularly posting on this site, but the real world has a way of fiddling with plans for the virtual one. In any case, it’s been about 4 years since I posted anything here. The interface has changed, the world has changed, I find myself in the possession of a second, precious lifeform, I got tenure, I picked up Dungeons and Dragons as part of a reversion to my early roots in geekery, a virus killed an alarming and heart-breaking number of people and somehow spared me and mine, and I’ve wandered back to posting here.

As far as what my plans are for this beautiful, circa early 2000’s website I’ve created – I only know slightly better than you. First off, I’m likely to post some stuff for an upcoming Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I’m DMing. Discord is an awkward place for walls of text and images, so I’m planning to link from there to here.

Second, I’m planning to intersperse some short articles on physics and science in general. They are meant to take complicated journal articles or physics concepts and distill them such that everyone can gain something from reading. I’ve done this in my classes to some extent, but one of the things that really motivated me to get into academia1 is science literacy – the idea that non-scientists need and/or want to know some shit about how and why the world works the way it does. Fall 2022 has begun, so my students are the focus, but I’m hoping to post on this once a month. Fingers crossed.

1 Other than the embarrassingly large piles of cash, of course.


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